Saturday, May 18, 2013

The views from the bus ride home from Jordan

These pictures don't do the views justice, but I want to share them anyway.  Sorry, this might be a slightly boring post.  This first photo is of a stripey mosque as we were leaving Amman:

This one shows how pretty the countryside is, with all the little towns on the hills:

Some interesting patterns of paths on the hill:

And here's a sign in Arabic:

To our surprise, we passed an amusement park with a roller coaster:

Another pretty mosque in the distance (there were so many mosques!):

I liked how the clouds looked:

And look how far you can see into the distance here:

Here are some wrinkly mountains:

And some more cool sky:

More cool clouds with the sunset:

And here's the view coming into Haifa.  Look how the sunset lit up the city:

Doesn't it sort of look like the city is on fire?

But it's just the sunset.  Crazy, huh?

It was a really photogenic day!

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