Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mike's visit

Our friend Mike came to visit for a long weekend.  We had a fun time with him, including going out in Tel Aviv, staying with his family in a moshav outside the city, and hiking in Mitzpe Ramon, which is an area that has a gigantic crater.  We went out for drinks with his cousins the first night.  This one has slices of cucumber in it:

We went to a bar that we would never have found without knowing about it because you could walk by without seeing it.  And we might not have gotten in if Mike's cousin hadn't known one of the bartenders.  So you can tell we felt really cool!

Here is another drink we had:

This one had slices of persimmon in it!

Then we went back and hung out at their family's house.  They have a lemon tree in their yard, and it grew the biggest lemon I had ever seen.  On the right is a normal-sized lemon, and on the left is the giant lemon.  It was bigger than a grapefruit!

Here it is compared to my hand, for scale:

The next day we went hiking in Mitzpe Ramon.  Here's a view of it on the drive to the beginning of our hike:

I have more pictures on my camera from the hike, but these are from my phone so this is what you get for now.  On our drive back, we saw this Bedouin guy leading his animals across the road:

I think his animals were still waiting to cross.  Thanks for visiting Mike, we had a fun time!

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