Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snorkeling in Caesarea

This past weekend we went with our new friends Rebecca and Nadav to Caesarea to go snorkeling.  Caesarea is an old Roman city with tons of ruins, and some of those ruins are underwater.  So you can go snorkeling to see what is down there!  We saw columns, an old ship that they used to build on top of to make a breakwater, some beautiful rainbow fish, a whole school of hundreds or thousands of small fish, and some pottery fragments from who knows when.  It was cold, so we wore wetsuits, which also made floating really easy and diving down to see something more closely really difficult.  Here we are afterwards in our gear minus the wetsuits:

After a hard 45 minutes of snorkeling, we went to get some ice cream:

Then we had some beach time, which just meant sitting on the beach because it was too cold to swim without a wetsuit.  But we went to a beach that was filled with kite surfers, which was really cool to watch:

Enjoying the beach:

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  1. Hello Sam & Caroline,

    I am gonna go in Ceasarea in August, and I'd like doing snorkeling in the area.

    Is there a precise sopt where to go for seing ruins...?

    Thank you for your reply, all your pieces of advie are welcomed.

    Have a good day,