Sunday, May 12, 2013

Delicious Arabic breakfast

Caroline and I are traveling in Jordan right now. We went to Petra for a couple days, and now we are passing through Amman for one day on our way back to Israel.

We had intended to do some brief sightseeing here before catching our bus, but now it is raining and even hailing a little, so we are waiting it out in our hostel.

The hostel is very friendly and has a welcoming atmosphere, which reinforces our overall impression of Jordan. The country has historical roots among the bedouins of the Arabian desert, who are known for their hospitality. It still shows today.

The people here have been overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming (with the exception of a few cab drivers). In Petra itself there are many bedouins living among the ruins in the desert, and they were always friendly and helpful. Especially after our experience in Delhi where the touts and scammers left us wary of anyone who approached us, it was a nice change.

The bedouins would ask you if you wanted to buy something from their shop, but if you said no, they didn't press it. Instead they were just happy to say hello, chat a little, and tell us we were only 5 minutes from the top! We especially enjoyed talking with some very curious and friendly kids, including one little girl who loved looking at our Kindle and telling us the names of all the Petra monuments in our ebook guide.

Caroline has most of the pictures from the weekend, so I'll just share some pics of a very tasty breakfast from this hostel. And hopefully the rain has stopped by now so we can do a little exploring!

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