Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm on the Technion website!

Check it out, my project is on the Technion homepage!
The title says "Adapting science and technology education to the 21st century". If you click the picture, you get a window with more information. I put it through google translate and did a little fixing up, so you can see what it says:
Adapting science education - 21st century technology, is a joint project of the Technion and the Abrams Hebrew Academy (AHA), a collaborative community school belongs to the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia in the U.S.. Due to shortage of teachers of Science and Technology, AHA's management, with the assistance of the Technion Society United States (ATS), requested the head of the Department of Education Science and Technology, Professor Orit Hazan, to develop for them study materials in the English language. Mr. Sam Ribnick, a student visitor, a graduate of MIT, is responsible for the development of the material and Prof. Miri Barak serves as the academic advisor. Thus, in recent months, there has been brewing and development based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), as the basis for outside-the-classroom activities - teaching method called Flipped Classroom. For homework, students are asked to watch the lectures recorded, while classroom time devoted to solving exercises, work on projects, and / or discussions.
Study units developed at the Technion include short videos of lectures, animations, simulations and colorful illustrations illustration of scientific principles and concepts. They also include closed questions and feedback to the learner's self-examination and open-ended questions that encourage reflection and classroom discussions. Learning tasks encourage understanding of different forms of representation of scientific concepts such as equations, graphs and tables. Tasks incorporate critical thinking and argument, and planning and implementing research-based laboratory activities.
Recently, a delegation of AHA's management and a group of 19 eighth graders from the school visited the Department of Education Science and Technology and participated in various educational activities developed especially for them on energy. All students mentioned positively the innovative teaching method, the way information is organized in lectures recorded and graphics. Over 70% of students indicated that they consider it important to understand various concepts in science. The current project is unique, they noted that the Technion positively not only assists American Jews, but also contributes his knowledge and experience with regard to children in community science education - technology.