Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almost packed up!

We have been working for a few days now and the apartment is nearly packed up. This evening we will put most of our stuff in a friend's basement, then pack the u-haul with the last load headed to Philly. We have sold almost everything we put on Craigslist, so the only furniture we are keeping is our table.

I'll post pics again once the place is empty!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sold my bike today :(

I sold my bike to a buyer on craigslist today. I got a good price, but I gave him a good bike. It was sad to see it go. I'll be using Hubway for the next few days that I'm in Boston.

The Minnesota State Fair

On Thursday, Caroline and I took two of my cousins on a trip to opening day at the State Fair. We ate a lot of junk - cheese curds, cotton candy, cookies, fries, but no food on a stick for us today. However, we did find the Science Museum booth, where they had science on a stick!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Working as a bike tour guide and mechanic!

We are moving to Chile on Sept. 6, and it looks like I might be working part time (and part volunteer) at a bike tour company called La Bicicleta Verde (

It's founded and run by an American, and almost all of their customers are English-speaking, so my low level of Spanish won't be a barrier. I might get to do some tours and even some bike mechanic work. I had a skype chat with the owner and he told me that they are very likely to have at least some paid work for me, and I said I'd be happy to start as a volunteer in the meantime.

In a new city, working on bikes and meeting bike-friendly people sounds like a good way to start out!

Hubway comes to Cambridge!

We are very excited that Hubway has finally come to Cambridge. This is the bike sharing rental  service in Boston. We bought memberships last summer when it first opened, but it wasn't very useful for us because we couldn't drop off or pick up the bikes anywhere near our house. Now they opened three stations in Central Square, including one just a block from our house. It's a fun new addition to the neighborhood...sad that we will be leaving soon before we get to use it much.

Moving out soon!

We are getting ready to move out in just a few weeks, so we have been selling our furniture on Craigslist. The apartment is looking very sparse, check it out!