Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Working as a bike tour guide and mechanic!

We are moving to Chile on Sept. 6, and it looks like I might be working part time (and part volunteer) at a bike tour company called La Bicicleta Verde (

It's founded and run by an American, and almost all of their customers are English-speaking, so my low level of Spanish won't be a barrier. I might get to do some tours and even some bike mechanic work. I had a skype chat with the owner and he told me that they are very likely to have at least some paid work for me, and I said I'd be happy to start as a volunteer in the meantime.

In a new city, working on bikes and meeting bike-friendly people sounds like a good way to start out!

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  1. And it is a great way for you to learn your way around fast! It will be useful for when you have visitors. (You know, like finding the street of yarn shops that I've heard so much about ;))