Friday, January 25, 2013

We're going to Curico this weekend

We had meant to do a last trip somewhere in Chile before leaving, but we couldn't really make up our minds about what to do after we decided not to go to San Pedro de Atacama because we think it would be too expensive.  And time kept passing and we didn't plan anything.  So then we thought, let's just take the bus somewhere closer and see another part of Chile without being so fancy about it.  So then we put out a couple of requests on Couchsurfing for Curico, because it's somewhere new that seems cool and isn't too far away or expensive to get to.  But that was only 2 days ago, and we hadn't heard back by this morning.  So we decided to cancel the trip.  And then right before lunch, a lovely couple (hopefully!) responded and said they could host us tonight and tomorrow night.  So now we're going!  They seem really interesting.  I think they own a vineyard and have horses!  Don't worry too much, parents.  Not that that will stop you :)  But they have positive reviews on Couchsurfing.  I am excited!

We might also go to Parque Nacional de Siete Tazas, depending on how things turn out when we get there.

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