Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A run where nothing was stolen in Buenos Aires

When we first got to Buenos Aires, Sam and I went on a run starting from our hotel.  We saw some cool stuff by running around the area.  Here's Sam in front of a canal we crossed:

Here's some sort of creature we encountered.  We had seen some other ones of these in Iguazú two days before.  I think they're actually pretty common and my taking a picture of this would be like someone taking a picture of a squirrel in the US (aka pretty strange).  But here it is:

And the best part is when we didn't get the phone stolen.  We stopped to take a picture (Sam was going to take it of me) and then this guy running by us in the other direction offered (in English) to take it of both of us.  That is one major difference, by the way, between Santiago and Buenos Aires - WAY more people speak English in BA, and much more fluently.  Anyway, so we gave him the phone and then of course he pretended to run away and steal it, but stopped quickly so it was obvious he was joking.  Except that my adrenaline had already started in that fraction of a second and I was about to start running after him (good decision??), so maybe you can tell I'm feeling weird in the picture.  But I guess he was just being friendly?

And then we kept running and encountered a scene from a movie or something being filmed.  What you can't see in this picture is the giant truck and the rest of the equipment around the area.  The actors are the two people on the bench in the middle.  We never found out what they were filming:

Another pretty view of the scenery on the run:

We took this picture for Ben (I don't know if he even reads this blog) because he works in bike sharing and we like bike sharing:

So that was our run.  Pretty eventful, huh?  I am glad we took the camera/phone.

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