Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas in Uruguay

Since it was way too expensive to come home for Christmas, we decided to do something special to feel less sad about being alone.  We were starting from Buenos Aires, so it was an easy boat trip to get to Uruguay!  Here is Sam on the boat:

The view of Uruguay out the dirty window of the boat:

We didn't have a Christmas tree, obviously, so we made do with a revival of the Atheist plant that was in our room in the hostel.  Those are our presents underneath it.  And yes, some of them are fruit that we smuggled into Uruguay, and others are wrapped in hostel towels.  It was not our most festive Christmas.  Oh, and it was about 100 degrees the day we got there.  So it was definitely our most exotic Christmas:

The streets of Colonia del Sacramento, the city we were staying in:

The trees looked like they were wearing camouflage outfits.  And here is a cool picture I took of a palm tree:

We found this old car that was parked outside a restaurant.  It is very cute with the plants in the trunk:

But wait, look inside!  It's a table for the restaurant!  Awesome, huh?  But we didn't eat there.

A view of the boat we took heading back to Argentina at sunset:

The smaller area of beach in the town:

Another view of the smaller beach.  This beach had so much sea glass!  Although technically it's a river, I guess.  But anyway, I filled up a whole ziploc bag with sea glass!  I can't wait to make something out of sea glass when I get back.  I will add this to my sea glass from Maine and from Denmark.

Gorgeous sunset:

It was much cooler the second day, probably down in the 70s.  Here is the restaurant where we had Christmas dinner:

There was a cute little cactus at our table:

Aren't those clouds so pretty?

A sample of my sea glass.  See those blue ones?  Excellent!

Here we are after dinner:

We went to another place to have dessert.  I look that happy because of what was in front of me...

Which was this brownie ice cream fudge explosion:

Mmmm!  Merry Christmas!

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