Saturday, January 12, 2013

A cool tree in Santiago, more from Valparaiso, and some more from Sam's parents' visit

Look at this cool tree we found in Pueblito Los Dominicos in Santiago: 

Look closer, isn't this cool with all the spikes?

And now back to Valparaiso.  There was a street art with mosaics, and some of the pieces were mirror.  It took multiple tries, but I finally got a picture of me reflected in the mosaic:

I really like this one:

And here's a nice view down one of the streets towards one of the hills in Valpo:

Another one I really like.  I think this one is supposed to be a view of the city:

Jerry giving the giant lips a kiss:

A notable thing in Valpo is how many power lines there are, to the point of looking absurd:

Jerry really liked this building because it looks like someone plopped a shiny new glass building inside of a historical building's outside:

Here's a video of us taking the ascensor in Valpo up Cerro Alegre:

The ascensores are very old elevators that take you up and down the hills in Valpo.  They are a little scary, but really fun!  And here we are after lunch in Valpo.  Check out the great view, and try not to notice how weird my hair looks:

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