Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tango show in Buenos Aires

We went to a tango show in Buenos Aires with Sam's parents.  It was amazing!  Beforehand, we went to dinner and walked along this walkway trying much harder than we would have expected to find the restaurant.  The bridge in the background here is supposed to look like a tango dancer's leg:

This was the theater where we went to see the show, called Los Angelitos (the little angels).  I took this picture on the phone using HDR mode, which I then experimented with for the rest of the night.  HDR mode gets different light exposures to try to make your pictures look better if there is a big difference in the amount of light in different parts of the shot.  So here's the theater.  Note how well you can see the ceiling:

Jerry and Louise waiting for the show to start (probably should have used a different mode on the camera for this one):

And now for some tango pictures!  The idea with the show was to showcase the evolution of tango, so there were many different styles and costumes.  Here's the first one they showed:

Another one:

I think this one was supposed to show the African influence on tango:

Not a good picture, but this one was really cool.  Also here you can see the band in their little cave above the stage.  The band was also amazing:

Blurry, but a classic tango pose:

Getting more modern here:

This one was sort of weird, the woman started out in the cave with the band and then got down with the help of the man.  But why was she up there in the first place?  Is this part of the history of tango?

It was a tough competition for weirdest part of the show, but this probably wins.  Her dress is attached to the stage!  Eventually, it detached by a belt around her waist, but I didn't see that coming:

The tango show was amazing, and I couldn't find all the pictures I thought I took.  But this is probably enough for everyone else anyway.  And even better, the next night we went to a tango lesson and got to try dancing ourselves!  (Spoiler: we weren't very good.)  We are very much looking forward to our next tango lesson, which is yet to be scheduled.

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