Monday, January 21, 2013

The butterflies were almost as cool as the falls. Well, not really, but still awesome.

This post is going back in time to December 2012, when my parents were visiting us. We did some traveling around the Santiago area, then flew to Argentina where we had a terrible cab ride. Fortunately it was all worth it for the amazing experience at Iguazu...

This was right before we got totally soaked!
From Iguazu Falls

My dad loves waterfalls. It's always a highlight of a family trip if we can find a waterfall. My dad once said about waterfalls: "I just wish I could experience them with more senses."

Fortunately, Iguazu is exactly the place to go if you are a waterfall lover. It's a spectacular, gigantic series of waterfalls set in a tropical paradise. And for a true aficionado like my dad, this is the place to experience a waterfall with all five senses - we obviously saw it and heard it, but we also tasted and smelled the mist in the air, and even went under the falls to feel it. It was great.

Besides the falls themselves, we also saw a lot of beautiful fauna, including some stunning butterflies. Check out the album below, with captions, to see more about our visit.

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