Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cajon del Maipo

The Cajon del Maipo, or Maipo Canyon, is just outside of Santiago and easily reachable by a combination of public transit and taxi, or public transit only if you're so inclined.  It's a gorgeous place to spend a day or a weekend, with tons of hiking and nature.  One of my coworkers goes there almost every weekend with her family.  We went with Jerry and Louise and did a hike that was quite challenging (for us), but at least we didn't get lost too much.  

First you have to break in to the park using Jerry's lockpicking skills (just kidding):

Then you have to cross this scary-looking bridge, on which Sam thought it was funny to be as shaky as possible.  Stop shaking, Sam!

Gorgeous scenery:

We had lunch right here at the base of this waterfall:

I know Sam already posted some of these pictures, but I forgot to coordinate with him when I started writing this post.  Sorry you have to look at some of them again!

This is one of the points that I worried about when I thought maybe we were lost:

I like this rock because I think it looks like a sideways koala face, or maybe an owl:

Here, Jerry is making a face to show how hard this hike was:

I like this picture I took of a butterfly, I think it is very artsy:

Awesome view of the waterfall:

We made it!

At the entrance there were these huts that looked like they belonged in a movie, like they were made out of toadstools or something:

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