Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We've been exploring

We've been to a variety of places around the city.  We went to explore Barrio Brazil, and came across Plaza Brazil:

Look at the cute little girl running behind Sam:

At work, the bathroom icons are humorous (intentionally, I'm guessing):

We went on a run that ended up in some park in Vitacura where some high school girls were rehearsing for what looked like it might be a Catholic flash mob.  Then we ran a little further and came across this reason to stop Strava:

It was a nice park, but the way there was too unpleasant for it to be worth it.  We're still working on finding an area to run that is nice but not so far away that it's time to turn back by the time we get there.  Running around the river is nothing like running around the Charles.  The river here is sad and gross.  But here's a picture of the pretty park we ran to:

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