Sunday, October 7, 2012

A droopy rainy weekend

We have not lucked out with weather here so far.  It's been unusually rainy and cold for spring, which reminds us of when we were in Copenhagen for our honeymoon and it was so cold and rainy and everyone kept telling us how unusual the weather was and how sorry they were that we were having such bad weather.  Which doesn't really help.  It makes me think we are bringing bad weather around with us.

Anyway, we're about to go out on a run, despite the cold and rainy weather.  Otherwise, for me, it's been an entirely inside day today.

I'll post more and put some pictures of a science fair I went to on Thursday later this evening.

UPDATE:  As soon as I finished posting this, I looked outside and it was super pouring.  So we ran up and down the stairs in our apartment building, which was probably harder than running but at least we were warm and dry (except for sweat).

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