Monday, October 1, 2012

Some cute animals and some more things we ate (a venn diagram which does not overlap)

When we went to the fondas last week, we saw some cute animals, including bunnies with floppy ears, an emu, and a cool looking multicolored bird.

There was also rodeo, which in this case means trying to get the cow smooshed against the wall.  You get more points the closer to the front of the cow you smoosh (I think 4 points for the shoulder, 2 points for the middle, and 1 point for the rear).  As Sam mentioned, one of the horses has to run sideways each time, and it switches which horse is running sideways with each pass.

And now on to some things we ate.  Here is something that I can't remember what it was called, but I think it had tres leches (three milks) in the name.  Also you can see delicious meringue on the top.

Chorros from the fonda.  We got ours filled with manjar :)

Candy-covered strawberries (good thing no dentists read our blog, I think!) and a white chocolate-covered banana and milk chocolate covered pineapple:

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