Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More pictures from fondas

Here are some pictures from the first fonda we went to, at Parque O'Higgins (yes, that's the real name).  It's hard to see, but all the little specks in the picture are kites.  It was a good kite-flying day:

But of course there were a ton of trees in the way, so this was a very common scene:

 And then there were these big inflatable boppy-things that people were whacking each other with.  It seemed pretty fun, but they blew away a lot:

And ANYTIME you see anyone laying on the ground outside anywhere in Santiago, there are actually 2 people if you look more closely.  The amount of PDA here can not be overstated.

There was also this, which I think is an alpaca?  Or a llama?  Either way, it's wearing a silly hat:

And here are some pictures from the second fonda we went to, at Parque Intercomunal.  This was a much bigger deal fonda, with dancers from Easter Island:

It also had a really cool sky/mountains deal going on:

And Sam might have posted this already, but this is one of the modules they used to rescue the Chilean miners who were trapped a couple of years ago:

We had to buy tickets for this fonda, which made it more fancy than the other one which was free.  The tickets have a shiny part:

There was also this thing where you could get in a giant ball and roll down a ramp:

We waited a while to watch someone do it, and it was actually a bit of a letdown.  After they got down the ramp, they didn't go very far and people had to push it to make it go far enough that the riders felt they got their money's worth (that is my interpretation, anyway):

More pictures and posts coming soon!

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