Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally, the southern hemisphere delivers good weather!

Thank you, Southern Hemisphere! (and no, I am not using Celsius here, when I get to choose)
Well, it's about time.

When Caroline and I first envisioned this crazy round-the-world adventure, we thought we had a brilliant idea: with the right timing, a trip to the southern hemisphere could let us avoid cold weather for 18 months. As we settled on Santiago, we thought we had the perfect plan: summer in Boston 2012, then summer in Santiago 2012-2013, then summer in Israel 2013.

Unfortunately, we got a bit carried away with this idea, and never really checked out the facts. As we could have easily found out, Santiago doesn't really start getting warm until November. After all, when we arrived in early September, that was still the tail end of winter! On top of that, we've also had slightly bad luck. When it rained a few weeks ago, people said "oh, this is very rare, but I promise this is the last rain of the season." Since then, we've had 3 more rainy days, and each time people told us the same thing :)

But now, for the first time, when I check the 10-day forecast I see nothing but good weather on the horizon. Sweet.

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