Sunday, September 9, 2012

We are connected!!

It's working!!!! AHAHAHA!

One of the cool things about traveling is that everything becomes a little adventure, and a little more fun - even things that are normally boring or a chore. Case in point: the cable guy today!

Waiting for Comcast to come set up an internet connection is like the worst thing ever, but today the Chilean cable guy came to connect us, and it was great! He spoke no English (very common here), so we sort of grunted and gestured and used our limited Spanish to explain what we wanted. Fortunately, he already had the order form so he pretty much knew what to do.

Now we are connected, and it's pretty great! We got a pretty fast connection (15-20 Mbps) so that we can use Skype and Google Voice easily. Look forward to more blog posts, and now you can call/Skype us anytime. We ported our US numbers over to Google Voice, so you can just call our same old numbers and it will ring on our computer here in Chile - for free! For both us and you! So call our usual US numbers and we'll talk to you.

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