Thursday, September 6, 2012

Small frustration with Air Canada

Turns out you can't check in online for Air Canada if your departure city is Philadelphia.  This doesn't make any sense to me, and it's frustrating that we can't check in ahead of time because I always like to check in as early as possible for my peace of mind and sometimes to try to get better seats.  There are plenty of US cities that you can leave from and check in online, but Philadelphia isn't one of them.  So we'll have to get to the airport a minute earlier than we would have otherwise.  Because of course we're checking bags, so we still have to wait in that long line anyway.

Also, our Kindle arrived today, and to say I'm enchanted is an understatement.  It's so small and light and wonderful!  And we're going to use our access to 3 different library systems to get plenty to read for free!  Also, my mom is going to sew us a case for it, so we'll also be the coolest people who have a Kindle.  I'll post a picture once it has its jacket, as I'm thinking of it.

This time tomorrow we'll be on the plane to Chile!

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