Saturday, September 15, 2012

If you want to subscribe, and some pictures

At Alan's suggestion, I added back in the ways to subscribe to the blog.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you can subscribe by email, become a follower, or get it in an RSS feed.

And now for some pictures.  I'll start with the most interesting (just kidding).  Here's the bus I take for my commute (to the metro), when I'm not biking:

And here's the little train at work that I suppose takes kids around the grounds, but I've never seen in action.  Maybe it just takes wood around:

Here's my keyboard on my computer at work.  Note that not only are the things on top of the numbers different, but there are more keys over near the Enter key and they get in my way when I'm trying to press Enter.  Also see if you can find the apostrophe.  Sorry I can't figure out how to rotate it. 

On Thursday, a group from a local dance school came to the museum to perform the traditional Chilean national dance, which involves elaborate costumes and handkerchiefs.  Here are some pictures I took.  Check out the adorable little kids in the traditional outfits in this one:

There is a lot of clapping involved in the dance:

 And spinning, and waving around handkerchiefs.  See if you can see the spurs or whatever on the back of this guy's shoes (they're moving pretty fast):

The theme of the dance is the rooster and the hen.  I'm not sure why.  There is also some fancy footwork.  You can see the spurs a little better here:

And this one gives you a better view of the museum:

Then on Friday it was someone's birthday in the office, so we had a birthday party for her.  This is everyone who works in my office and then some:

 And here's my bike!  Note the basket on the front:

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