Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two food mishaps

Being vegetarian in a new place is difficult. It's not that there aren't options here, it's just that you don't really know what the options are, and you don't know when you will find something you can eat or when you'll be stranded. So, with that in mind, I give you: two recent food mishaps.

Mishap Numero Uno
That's spanish for number one. I was making a fried egg for a sandwich a few days ago, and after the egg got well cooked and firm on the one side, I thought I might try flipping it by giving it a little toss in the pan. Well, just as I was about to flip it, I chickened out and didn't flip hard enough. Here's the result:
The first attempt is sitting on the counter. It wasn't pretty. The second attempt was successful, as you can see in the pan.
I started a new egg, and this time flipped it with a little more gusto - and success! You know what they say, to make an omelette, you have to throw some eggs on the counter.

Mishap Numero Dos
I was working at La Bicicleta Verde on Sunday this past weekend, and didn't break any food with me. When I finished work around 1pm, I figured I would venture out and find a restaurant or bodega or something. Before leaving, I asked another employee for suggestions. He told me about a good chinese restaurant, but then remembered that I am vegetarian and warned me there would be no good options there.

Well, I figured I'd find something else nearby...but I didn't feel like another pizza meal, so finally I thought I'd stop into the Chinese place and check the menu. Sure enough, there was a vegetable chop suey dish. "Ha," I thought, "I found SOMETHING vegetarian here!" I asked carefully to double check there was no meat or fish.

I ordered it and sat down to wait, and when the dish came out, let's just say I was surprised.
It's sprouts, all the way down.
At first I thought it might be lo mein, which would have been decent. But when I looked more closely, I realized it was NOTHING BUT SPROUTS. A few scallions, but pretty much all sprouts. It wasn't terrible, but there's only so many sprouts a guy can eat.

Hopefully I'll have some more successful food stories coming up from this weekend!

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  1. That's hilarious! Let's definitely make that next time you're in Minneapolis!