Monday, September 17, 2012

Fiestas Patrias with Bicicleta Verde

The assembly line for delicious empanadas!

Today we were invited to a party at La Bicicleta Verde, the place where I am volunteering/working as a mechanic and possibly a tour guide. Everyone there has been very friendly and welcoming, and they insisted that Caroline and I come to the party today. We are sure glad we did.

It was a make-your-own-empanada party, and luckily for us they had some other vegetarians in the group so they had a non-meat filling if you wanted. Everything was very delicious, and we met a bunch of new people. Mostly Americans, but also plenty of was just much easier to talk with people in English so we spent a lot of the time with Americans.

Oh, one other funny story. We have a laundry machine in our apartment, but not a dryer. Well, this morning, Caroline found that all of her pairs of pants were still drying from laundry the night before, so...we microwaved her yoga pants until they were dry :)
Microwaving yoga pants - totally works!
You can see a slideshow with the rest of the pics from today:


  1. Did you notice any shrinkage of the pants?? I've wondered about this before but always been too scared because of that.

  2. In my apartment we have a washer but no dryer (although there are dryers in the building). Good to know the microwave will work in a pinch...although I guess it wouldn't be great for pants with metal buttons (maybe better to put those in the oven). :D

  3. The pants did not shrink. HOWEVER, we did some internet research before we tried it, and many many sites warned us away from using the oven. There were many stories of people burning down their house that way, and a post from a firefighter who said that he'd seen multiple such cases.

    Today, we just learned that we have dryers in the basement of the building, so I think we will just use that from now on.

  4. Cool! never knew you could do that! =). How long does it take?

  5. We did multiple rounds of about 30-60 seconds. We kept taking them out and checking because we were worried about burning them :) All in all, probably about 5 min in the microwave...but like I said, I wouldn't really recommend this!