Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to follow our travels

Thanks to the magic of modern technology, you won't have to miss us that much while we are traveling. In fact, we will try to share lots of blog posts, emails, pictures and status updates so you might not even notice we are halfway around the world.

Here are some good ways to follow our travels, depending on how much you want to read every single thing we ever post.

Subscribe to blog posts by email
If you don't like checking a blog, you can submit your email address here and receive an email automatically every time we post an update.
Subscribe to The Adventures of Sam and Caroline by Email

Subscribe to blog posts by RSS reader
This is the way I follow most of my friends' blogs, using Google Reader. If you already use RSS, just click here to add our blog. If you don't use RSS, it's sort of like a special inbox for websites that you read frequently, not just blogs. You can use RSS to subscribe to updates from the New York Times, this blog, or even craigslist! Here's a tutorial if you want to try it.

Check the blog!
Of course, you can also just check the blog, whenever you like! Be sure to leave comments, since we love to hear from you too.

Check Google+
OK, OK, so there aren't a ton of people active on Google+. But I am, so that's a good reason to add me to your circles and then you'll see my blog post updates and also any photos I snap to share with people.

See our photos
You can also see our publicly shared photo albums. Here are the links to both of our public galleries on picasaweb:
Sam's albums

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