Sunday, December 9, 2012

Human vs. HAL: Microphone stand

This post is part of a series “Human vs. HAL” highlighting a peculiar trend we’ve noticed in Chile. There are many jobs here that are done by people that would be done by machines in the US. We are trying to take photos and notice as many as possible to document here!

As Caroline has already documented, we stumbled upon a very cool event with the Korean Navy when we were in Vina del Mar, which even included two renditions of Gangnam Style (of course).

Well, beforehand we had just been talking about the way many jobs here are done by people instead of machines, and so Caroline pointed out a hilarious example of it during this event.

This woman is reading her speech, and that's right, instead of a microphone stand, there is a person standing and holding the microphone to her mouth. Yes, a human microphone stand. To his credit, the guy was a real pro.

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