Friday, November 23, 2012

Awesome performance by the Korean Navy

So I mentioned in the Viña del Mar post about this performance/welcome ceremony by and for the South Korean Navy.  It was awesome!  First they paraded in, including a marching band:

Here's a video of them parading in:

Then there was a welcome speech by some Chileans (not sure who they were, but they were probably city officials):

Then the Korean Navy band played some songs.  First was this medley of a bunch of famous songs - see how many you can identify!

Then they played a mix of a bunch of different Beatles songs, but the video file was too big and I couldn't get it on the blog.  Sorry Laura!

Then the best part was their excellent rendition with movements of Rock Around the Clock:

Then these guys (does anyone know if they're famous?  I can send a closer picture of their faces if it helps) introduced some things:

This part was also especially awesome.  These guys had hats with rods and then ribbons that they flung around with their heads while drumming and dancing in a circle:

Here's a video of that:


And a little bit more:

And then of course they had to do Gangnam Style, but unfortunately the microphones weren't working very well:

Sorry it took so long to post this, but it was awesome!  Next up, some more recent stuff :)

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