Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some more pictures from Mendoza from my phone

Ok this first one isn't actually from Mendoza, it's from when we went on that fake bike tour.  While we were waiting for other people in our group to do their interviews, I stopped by a street vendor and bought some pink earrings:

They're a little too dangly, so I want to shorten the metal part at the top so I don't feel like my earlobes are going to get ripped off all the time.  I'm extremely terrified of that.  

The rest of these were actually from Mendoza.  These are some really pretty flowers that were at one of the wineries on the tour:

This is Sam sitting in front of those pretty flowers on the scale that weighs the grapes as they come in to make sure that the winery produces the right amount of wine (first I thought this was to make sure they were making enough and not secretly drinking it all, but it's actually to make sure they are not making too much by watering down the wine).  Apparently this is enforced by the government:

This is the owner of the second winery we went to.  He's very into it:

He won some sort of wine competition, so he got shirts made with himself on them.  There is a picture of a bunch of people all wearing this shirt there.  It's kind of strange:

A display thing of their wines:

Our tour guide was sometimes more like a tourist than a guide.  He took a lot of pictures on the tour.  I'm wondering if maybe he was planning to use them for marketing or something for his tours.  But I took a picture of him taking a picture:

This was something I'd never seen before - a river of wine leaking from somewhere.  A wine puddle!

The last stop on our tour was actually a jam, oil, spreads and stuff like that place.  We got to test the different spreads, which were divided into sweet and savory.  My favorite were the sweet ones, specifically the dulce de leche one with avellanos, or hazelnuts.  MMMMM!!!  Here's the lady showing us which ones are which of the sweet ones (in Spanish):

And here are the savory (the one in the back with lumps is cheese!):

And finally, my favorite view of the mountains on the bus ride back to Chile:


  1. For some reason I can't see the pictures on this post. Don't know if it's just me though...

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! Should be fixed now, let us know if it's still a problem.


  3. Great, I can see them now! I love that last picture, it reminds me of home! :D