Sunday, March 17, 2013

This entire post is about the toilet museum

If you don't want to read an entire post about toilets and the toilet museum, then consider yourself warned and stop reading now :)

Ok great, I guess you want to hear about the toilet museum!  We took our first bicycle rickshaw from the metro station to the museum.  Here is a picture from inside:

And here we are (sorry for the terrible photo):

The flush toilet was designed hundreds of years ago, but obviously we are still perfecting it:

Here's Sam learning some interesting and funny toilet facts:

If you can't read this and haven't seen this one before, the top stall is labeled Management and the bottom stall is labeled Employees:

And now for a bunch of pictures of toilets.  This one incinerates the waste, leaving almost nothing behind, but it uses a ton of energy to do it:

This one has all sorts of fancy settings for the toilet seat:

I think these are a bunch of fancy chamber pots:


That last one may be the golden commode.  Here is a throne that is secretly also a toilet:

 And here is one that is disguised as a fancy comfy chair:

Here's a toilet with armrests:

Here are some fancy flower urinals:

This is a building in the shape of a toilet:

This might have been my favorite thing.  This is a public toilet in Switzerland that has walls made out of one way mirror glass, so you can't see in from outside, but you can see everything going on around you from inside:

Another public toilet.  This one cleans itself after every use, and you can't be in there longer than 15 minutes or it will clean you too:

This one is urinals that have great views while you're using them:

A tent toilet:

I believe this one is intended to be a biodegradable toilet:

Here is a toilet that is disguised as a table when it's not in use:

This one is disguised as a stack of books, but I'm not sure who could use such a tiny toilet:

Here I am with a model of a building where every single room is a bathroom.  It's near a temple that I guess is very popular, so it needs a lot of bathrooms:

There was a list of how people react when they smell something stinky around the world:

And some tips for how to make yourself have to go or be able to hold off when you need to go to the bathroom:

I think this is the real golden commode:


There were a bunch of funny bathroom jokes:

And in case you were thinking they were crude or not funny, here is what they have to say:

And here's a toilet-trained elephant, which I have to imagine is very useful for its trainers:

This door is entirely made out of human poo, dried out and put into this shape.  According to the guy at the museum, only about 5% of the mass is left after you dry out the poo.

And then I think outside they might be trying to sell bathroom modules.  Here are some of the options:

Then there's this:

And near the entrance is a statue of Gandhi, so Sam went on a walk with him:

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