Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alleppey houseboat tour

One of the most fun things we did in India was take a houseboat cruise through the Kerala backwaters.  We went down to Alleppey to do it.  Here was the view from driving in to get to the houseboat:

Here is Sam in the bedroom of the houseboat, which was much bigger and nicer than we were anticipating:

They gave us homemade limeade when we first got on the boat, and we went upstairs (yes there was an upstairs!) to drink it and enjoy the view:

 Then the cook made us lunch, which as Sam mentioned in his earlier post was a bunch of stuff we had never seen before:


Especially these things:

We had so many amazing views.  Also, the moon was out:

Here is a view of the canal structure of the backwaters:

Here is a cool building we passed:

Here is an artsy picture that I took of a knot on one of the ropes on the boat.  I'm proud of it:

Here is some fried banana that they brought us for a snack:

And here is a banana that Sam picked when we stopped for the night.  It oozed some sort of sap and didn't seem ripe, plus I was being careful, so I didn't eat it.  Look how small it is!

Here is a view of the sun starting to set from our parking spot for the night:

Here is the tree that the banana came from:

Sunset over the next boat over from us:

We got off the boat at the parking spot and took this picture:

Here is Sam in front of our boat:

There were some geckos in our dining area, and we had a lot of fun watching them hunt little bugs.  They sneak up on the bug and then WHAM get it with their tongues.  And they were a very white color:

Alappuzha is the other name for Alleppey, and Kochi is the other name for Cochin.  The first one is the Indian name, and the second one is the British name.

We headed back in the morning, and it was very beautiful again:

This picture is out of order, but it was our dinner.  The reddish stuff is deep fried broccoli and cauliflower:

Here was breakfast, which was egg in the form of an omelet with no stuff in it, and egg pancake with coconut stuff inside, with pineapple juice:

This houseboat passed us on the way back:

This was one of the highlights of our India trip, and I would definitely recommend it!

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