Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Munnar tea plantations

Our last thing in India was visiting the Munnar tea plantations.  There is no way to do them justice with photos, but here are some that I took anyway.  Sam already put some of these up, but I think they are so good that I will post them again.

Here are some monkeys that we saw.  One is a baby:

Here is a view of the tea plantations.  They are so gorgeous, and they just cover all sides of all the mountains in Munnar:

When we (finally) arrived on the afternoon of our first day there, we went on a hike to see what we could see just by walking around.  We found a path that led into one of the tea plantations, and it didn't say we couldn't go in there...

The sky was doing a cool thing:

We crossed this bridge on our hike:

And Sam pretended to drink some tea:

Then the next morning we went on an even better hike where we were able to get even closer to the tea plants.  See how close we were?  We could have just touched those plants!

You can see the workers in this picture to get a sense of the scale:

So beautiful!  This was another huge highlight of our trip.

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