Friday, February 15, 2013

Things are going great in Kochi

Just a quick update for today, since we are excited to get out and see things. We are currently in Kochi, a major commercial center in the southwestern part of India.  We're staying in the old part of the city, called Fort Kochi, or Fort Cochin if you use the old British name.

And wow, if this isn't a huge major change of pace from Delhi.  It's like a breath of fresh air, in both the literal sense that the air is much cleaner and in the sense of relief from the stress of being in Delhi.  It's beautiful and much smaller so we can walk everywhere and the people are nice and friendly without wanting anything from you, which is a huge change from Delhi.

Tonight we're going to a Kathakali show, which is a pretty touristy thing to do, but hopefully it will be really cool also.

Here's a picture of the Chinese fishing nets I took last night just after sunset:

Isn't this awesome?


  1. Why would you take those nice fishing nets from the nice fisherman? Samuel...

  2. Why yes, my hometown is quite awesome. :)

    You must be in the tea plantations right about now? How's Vijay??