Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First week in Haifa

Here are some pictures from the first week in Haifa.  We went on a couple of walks over the weekend (which is Friday and Saturday here, rather than Saturday and Sunday) to explore the city.  It's very hilly, like Sam said!  At the top of one of the hills, we found this cool bench in a park with a roof:

We also went on a run.  This is a pretty weird-shaped building that we passed, and which we can see from our porch balcony in our apartment:

We also ran past a mosque, which is pretty but nothing compared to the ones we saw in India:

Sam says that Haifa and Boston are sister cities, which I think is a kind of silly thing, but I guess some city in South Korea is also sister cities with Valparaiso, Chile, so I guess I had heard of that before.  Anyway, here we found this sign:

We also finished our run by the beach, which was sort of a pain to get to but will be very nice when the weather gets warmer and the days get longer:

The water is very blue, but still quite cold.  Then on the way back, which was almost exclusively uphill and often steep, we found this punch balloon in the road.  I know it's gross, but we picked it up and kept it all the way back to our apartment, which was a nice distraction from how long the walk was and how uphill:

We also walked past the Baha'i Gardens, which we're going to see more thoroughly at some point soon:

And finally, here are the 100+ steps that we have to go up every time we want to go somewhere from our apartment.  It's really hard to see, but that dot at the top left side of the stairs is Sam.  It's a lot of stairs!  And that's not even counting the 50 we have to do to get to our apartment once we get to our building:

Yesterday I went to take care of some stuff at the Technion campus, and then Sam and I went to look at the pool, which is under some maintenance for another week or so.  And look, the pool is named for me!  No, of course I'm not covering anything up, why do you ask?

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  1. No need to go running, just do the stairs a few times a day!!