Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Awesome day at work today

We are working on installing a traveling exhibit called Beyond Planet Earth, which comes from the American Museum of Natural History.  It is so much fun!  Although to be honest, I've never had a job where I was on my feet so much during the day!  All I want to do is sit when I get home afterwards.  I probably shouldn't have been messing with the stuff for the exhibit, but I find it hard to imagine that other people don't also do this.  So here's me in the astronaut helmet:

I was reminded by the guy in charge of installing it that I should make a better pose, so I did one where I was looking off into the stars (above) and one where I was an adventure astronaut (below):

I also got to drive the Genie!  Which is the thing that I'm on in this picture:

Again, I probably shouldn't have been allowed to do this, but it was really fun and I felt so cool.  I got to do all the directions (including up!), and operate a drill and wear a hard hat while I was on there.  Also, this next picture is just a joke:

Don't worry!  I did not actually get a hole drilled into my shoulder.

I sure am learning a lot of new things here!  It's so fun!

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