Saturday, December 7, 2013

I got a new winter bike! And ran 16 miles!

It was a great day today, and busy. Sam and I ran (16 miles for me, 11 for him) and then we went and got me a new winter bike. I sold my old winter bike before we left for our trip, and I don't like to ride my good bike if it's below freezing (because the grease in the cables can freeze and get weird) or if I'm going to be in gross weather (for obvious maintenance reasons). So today we went to see a bike I found on craigslist, and it was better than it looked in the picture, and I got it! So now I'm ready to commute in worse wintery weather. Although I'm not really prepared for it emotionally, of course.

Here's my new bike:

It's white, not purple like my old winter bike, but that's ok. I'll need to get lights, fenders, and a new chain. I'm very glad that now I can take better care of my good bike!

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