Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Hannukah!

Happy belated Hannukah! We had a nice holiday, partly with my family and partly in our apartment and with friends. The funniest part was what happened to our candles. We had a couple of boxes of candles because we always buy too many when they're on sale. In retrospect, this was not our smartest decision, but we had been storing them in the cabinet over the stove. Here is what they looked like when we took them out of the box:

And a close-up:

So we were able to separate them and still use them, even though some were broken:

They actually looked pretty cool and people said we should do it on purpose and sell them in the future. Here are the nights I remembered to take pictures of:

Ok that one's not that pretty, but just wait.

The orange one was broken in half and I lit it in the middle. It was pretty epic and you can see it burned twice as tall because it had twice as much fuel.

You can also see a sneak preview if my candle color selections for the following nights. Here is a break to see our Hannukah presents:

I sewed Sam a sleep mask with help from my mom. Sam got me a necklace and some mesh laundry bags, both shown in this photo:

I also got him a pizza peel:

Some more candles:

And we also got some great presents from Sam's parents. For Sam:

A slow cooker! Already in use on vegetable soup. And for me, a winter bike helmet:

I hope everyone else had a nice Hannukah too!

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  1. Those candles are AWESOME! Want to make me some? ;)

    I love the winter bike helmet! (Well, I love anything that keeps you safe, and I imagine that this is safer than trying to wear a hat under a normal helmet.)