Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where in the world are Sam and Caroline?

I can't believe it, but we are less than a week away from leaving Israel now. You might think that means we will be back in Boston pretty soon, but we actually have quite a lot left to do before we really get settled back in Boston. Since people keep asking about when we get back, I thought it would be useful to explain our itinerary for the next few weeks.

Right now we are still in Haifa. I am pretty much done with my work and Caroline is still going in for a few more days next week.

July 10: Tel Aviv to Prague. We fly to Prague and meet up with Caroline's dad and some of his European friends for a bike trip from Prague to Berlin. We have one day to see Prague before we start the trip.

July 11-19: Bike from Prague to Berlin. We'll be covering about 80 km per day, which hopefully won't be too intense. One of the European friends has organized the whole thing, so it should be pretty logistically relaxing for us. We just need to bike a lot :)

July 20: Berlin to Stockholm. We have one day to see Berlin, then we fly to Stockholm, Sweden. We will be meeting up with one of Caroline's good friends from growing up, who is currently living in Germany because her husband is stationed on a military base there. We'll see Stockholm for about 4 days, then...

July 24: Fly from Stockholm to NYC. We'll stay overnight one night with another friend of Caroline's, then...

July 25: Fly from NYC to Ann Arbor, MI. We have a wedding to go to on July 27, so we'll go see some good friends from MIT and enjoy a beautiful wedding.

July 28: Drive to Ohio. We will drive together with another of Caroline's good friends (from MIT) to visit her family in Ohio for one day. Is this plan sounding complicated enough yet?

July 30: Fly to Philadelphia. We'll go to Caroline's family's house for a very short visit and just enough time to pack all our belongings into a moving truck. Then on July 31 we hit the road in the truck...

July 31: Visit Caroline's grandparents and Aunt and Uncle in upstate NY. We'll stay overnight with her aunt and uncle.

Aug. 1: Drive to Boston!!!!! The home stretch begins. We'll drive the truck to Boston and move into our new apartment in Arlington. We'll stay in Boston for about 4 days. We have another wedding this weekend (one of my friends from my band), and so we'll get to see a lot of our friends from MIT who will be flying in for it.

Aug 4: Drive to Ocean Point, ME. The Sunday after the wedding, we'll head up to Maine for our annual vacation there. This will be our first chance to really slow down and relax. Phew!

Aug. 17: Fly to Minneapolis. We'll go to MN to visit my family for a little over a week, including the annual Camp Cousins tradition.

Aug. 25: Fly back to Boston. This is the end of our travels, finally! We arrive back to Boston on Sunday, Aug. 25 and then I start my new job the next day...and we will very suddenly be returning to normal life.

It's been an amazing year, and you can see we still have a pretty wild schedule for the next two months before it's all over.


  1. Sam and Caroline, I only just rediscovered your blog about a month ago and have spent a good deal of my summer catching up on your marvelous adventure. How wonderful for the two of you that you have been able to have this time together exploring the world! I chuckled as I once again got to see the world through Caroline's eyes (and Sam's too, of course) and I was reminded of what a privilege being able to do so can be. Enjoy your last few days in Haifa and get back to Boston safely!! xoxo Mrs. Lindner

  2. Glad to have made it on this illustrious list!!