Friday, July 12, 2013

Biking 1 foot from a dropoff into the river!

Today we started our bike trip from Prague to Berlin. We have a group of 10 total people, 5 Americans and 5 Danes. We got invited on the trip through Caroline's dad, who is friends with some of the other folks in the group. 

Yesterday we walked around Prague, which, if you haven't been, is just beautiful. Everywhere you turn are elaborate buildings, stunning views and awesome castles. This morning we set out on the bike trip, after a few hours of delay fe the bike rental company to drop off the bikes. 

The day started off nice, as we followed a nice smooth path along a winding river. However, a couple hours in, the path turned to dust, then rocks, then narrowed to only a foot wide. To make matters worse, we were often riding on this narrow path right along an edge with a drop off into the river on our left side. 

Here's is a picture with Annika and Asbjørn, two Danish siblings around our age. 

And it's hard to see, but in this picture you can kind of tell how close we were to the drop off. 

This went on for 3-4 km, and any many points a lot of people in the group dismounted to walk their bikes. Fortunately, Caroline and her dad skipped this part because they were doing the very important job of driving the luggage car. I took over for them after lunch so they could have a turn on bikes, so now I am sitting at a very nice hotel with a great view of the Czech Republic. Hope the group gets here soon!

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