Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jellyfish at the beach :(

Apparently it is now the season of jellyfish at the beach.  This is bad news, because it's also now the season of perfect beach weather all the time.  The jellyfish are HUGE, too.  And besides the huge jellyfish, there are also lots of tiny things that sting or bite you in the water, so even if you can avoid the jellyfish, you're not safe.

People like to usher them out of the water, either because they are trying to help other people not get stung, or because they just enjoy it, or want to seem brave, or something.  It turns out that you can touch them on the top without getting stung.  The only dangerous parts are the tentacles, but those are plenty dangerous, I hear.  All of this results in some guys in their teens and twenties grabbing jellyfish (which I gather are quite heavy, based on their size and and waterlogged-ness, besides being quite slimy) and hauling them out of the water.  Once they get them onto the beach, the kids take over, throwing sand and rocks at them.  I'm not sure this last part helps.

Here are some jellyfish we saw at the beach last weekend in various stages of the process.  There were a ton of them:

Oh also, we touched them.  Gross!


  1. Poor jellyfish!

    Caroline's face while touching the jellyfish reminds me of when we touched the manta rays at SeaWorld in San Diego. I loved it and wanted to keep petting them, but I think Caroline had a similar reaction as to the jellyfish. :)

  2. I also thought Caroline didn't look too happy touching this jellyfish. I guess it would be even worse if the Jellyfish touched her!!!