Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Blue Lagoon

Our flight back from Copenhagen connected through Iceland again, and this time we had only one day (well really 8 hours).  We went to the one thing we most wished we had had time for on our first stop in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon.  It’s really touristy, but it still manages to be extremely awesome.  It wasn’t a beautiful day by any stretch of the imagination – mid-50s, rainy/misty, and very cloudy.  But somehow that almost made the Blue Lagoon seem even more exotic and unusual, since we couldn’t see very far past the edges of it. 

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what the Blue Lagoon is.  It’s a mostly seawater natural pool heated by geothermal activity, and the minerals and algae make it look translucently blue.  Even in the cold rainy weather, it felt great to get in.  And there was a cave, and white silica mud that you can put on your skin, and a warm waterfall that feels like an excellent massage, and lots of different areas to explore.  It was nothing like the geothermal pool we went in on the first part of the trip.  Supposedly the stuff in the water is really good for your skin, but it is pretty bad for your hair! 

We were too scared to try to bring our camera out for fear of dropping it in the water, but we talked to a Mexican family who had a waterproof camera.  After we took a picture of them, we asked them to take a picture of us and send it to us, so hopefully we can post that when we hear back from them.

After the Blue Lagoon, we showered and got back on the bus to the Keflavik airport.  Nothing like a spa break in a geothermal lagoon to make an 8-hour layover fly by!

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