Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best day ever (except our wedding!)

After two weeks of mostly rainy weather, Denmark was nice enough to give us a beautiful warm sunny day for our last 24 hours here, and we made the most of it!

The couple that we rented our apartment from came back from their own trip to Vietnam on Monday, so it was time for us to move. We mostly cleaned up the apartment, and then ran out to take care of some last errands before they arrived. Somewhat awkwardly, we got back from our errands to find they were already back, earlier than expected! And we hadn’t finished cleaning! Fortunately, they were really friendly even after their long trip, and they were actually going right away for a birthday party so we had time to finish cleaning up. They were also very impressed that we had washed all the linens and towels that they had left for us.

OK, on to the good part.

We carried all of our luggage across town to meet our new host, Lars. He is a Danish guy that we found via, a website that lets you find people willing to host you at their place for free. He turned out to be a great guy – very nice, friendly and interested in hanging out with us. We treated him to dinner (his first time trying Indian food), and then we all went together to a bar where there was a CouchSurfing meet-up (same as last week), basically just a social event with people from all over the world. We met some more Danes, some Germans, Canadians and others.

The next morning, we started early since we had a big day planned. We had rented bikes the day before, and we were going to bike to the Louisiana Museum (modern art and sculpture garden). The Louisiana is about 20 miles north of the city, and the whole ride is with good bike paths and most of it is right along the coast. We started off kind of slow, but by the end we were on a long path with no stops and we just cruised. It was BEAUTIFUL biking, with a wide enough path to go side-by-side, the sun shining on us, and the sea and Sweden visible off to our right.

When we got close to the museum, we stopped in the town nearby and found some shops. We decided that since we had just biked 20 miles, we were entitled to eat whatever we felt like at the bakery – and boy did they have good stuff! The Danes really have amazing breads and pastries. At the museum, we sat in the sculpture garden and enjoyed an amazing view of the open sea.

We biked back (with one last stop at the bakery) and made really good time, got showered and changed, and then went out to meet Stella and Philip, the couple that we had rented the apartment from. We ate dinner at the Nyhavn canal, with a setting sun shining on the picturesque houses along the side. It was fun hearing all about their trip to Vietnam, and telling them about our time in Copenhagen. They seemed like a great couple, and we hope to stay in touch for our future trips or if they come to the US.

After that, we headed back to our new host’s apartment and turned in, since we had an early flight the next morning. I’ll write about our trip back (hint: we had an awesome 8-hour layover in Iceland!), but for now, it just feels great to wrap up our trip with such a wonderful last day in Denmark.

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