Thursday, May 8, 2014

We finally saw Book of Mormon!

We'd been looking forward to it for 3 years, and we'd memorized all the songs, and we finally got to see it when it came to Boston! Sam got the tickets for me as a Christmas present, so I also got to look forward to it for 4 months. We went with two of our friends, and then went out for dessert afterwards. The show completely lived up to the extremely high expectations we had! It was amazing! It was really fun knowing the songs because sometimes it's a little hard to hear the words when you're at a theater, but we didn't miss anything because we already knew the jokes. I thought that was a plus, since I've also tried not listening ahead of time to the music for a musical I'm excited about, and then you miss things and won't get another chance to appreciate them in the context of seeing the show. There were also a number of jokes that weren't part of the songs, and some other jokes that you couldn't get from just the words of the songs, but depended on visual parts of the show to be as funny as they were. Also, the dancing was fantastic! I can't recommend this show enough, if you like funny things and music. Obviously I don't have any pictures of the show, but here are some from the theater afterwards and from the dessert:

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