Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wow, it's been a while!

We're back in Boston and have been for 3 weeks now.  Sorry we haven't been posting!  Since our last post, we went to Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, (and Minnesota, and Wisconsin, and Minnesota again), before finally going back to Boston for good.  Sam started his job, and I did a bit more interviewing, got some offers, picked one, and started a new job a couple weeks ago.  We've also bought a bunch of furniture, set up our new apartment, had some friends over for dinner, hung out with my cousin and her kids, and run a 5k.  So it's been busy, and we haven't blogged.

Things have been going really well.  We're living in Arlington now, rather than Cambridge, so that's taking some getting used to.  Our apartment is much larger than our apartment was in Cambridge, but it's not in the heart of things the same way.  It means that more than half of my commute to Waltham is on the Minuteman bike path and shorter than it would be if we were in Cambridge, but Sam's commute is longer and not on such a nice path.  We'll be here until our lease ends next August, and we'll be evaluating whether we like living here enough to stay.

My new job is fancier than any of the internships I've had before, so I have to go shopping for some dressier clothes.  Another change is that for the first time in a couple years, we're having fall (and soon - ugh! - winter!).  I'm really dreading it.  Why does it have to be cold?  And the days are already starting to get shorter :(

So here is a small selection of pictures from the last month and a half.

Ohio with Rachel:

Hummingbirds outside Rachel's window.  Notice that there is one perched on the feeder, and one hovering in the air next to it!

In New York, on the trip between Pennsylvania and Massachusetts:

I drove that truck!  It's 12 feet long!

At a wedding in MA with the Pals:

Maine with my family:

That's a nice picture - we're all smiling!  More Maine:

The annual Rowgatta:

Wisconsin with Sam's family:

And we weren't there for this, but Sam's mom, grandmom, uncle, and his girlfriend did a 5k walk around a lake in Minneapolis and took this picture with a tree, and I wanted to include it:

So that's a fair amount of the last 6 weeks in a series of pictures!  I'll try to blog slightly more often again from here on.

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